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Treatments >> Ligament tear

Ligaments are fibrous, strong wire like bands that grips the knee joint bones together. Since the knee bone joins three core bones such as thighbone, shinbone and knee cap, the ligament attached to this has to be more vitally positioned. Injury on ligaments would affect all the three bones which could develop more pain and stress. Ligament tear would result in sprain, swelling and dislocation of bones.

Causes of ligament tear

Sports injuries
Uncertainty or accident
Sudden twist in Knee
Shifting your leg from one leg to other

Symptoms of ligament tear

Frequent severity in pain
Feel of looseness in knee joint
More flexible and weak
Unable to carry or balance excess weight

Treatment for ligament tear


Elakizhi is a therapy which perspires and stimulates the pores of the body through application of medicinal decoction. It includes special medicated herbal leafs filled in linen bags, which are then dipped in hot oil and applied over the body. This therapy helps reduce muscle pain and joint soreness through release of toxins and absorption of healing properties of herbs. The treatment will include 60 minutes of massage for a period of 3 days.


This therapy is especially for knee joints which help cure stiffness, tender tear, degeneration and injuries. Circular receptacles are made around the knee joint using black gram dough. Lukewarm herbal oil is been poured into the receptacles so as to transfer the essence of pure healing herbs to the knee joints. The treatment will include 45 minutes per day for a period of 14 days.

Local Dhara

Medicated Oil or medicated decoction is been poured in a steady and relaxed flow on to the Knee joints. It helps increase the grip and firmness to affected nerve regions. It also helps intersect the joints and bones. It also helps reduce numbness, spine injury and discomfort on affected areas. Duration for this course will be 45 minutes per day for a period of 14 days.